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You want to reach more readers?

Promoting Kindle versions of books frequently is one of the most effective ways to reach more readers and to build a fan base. That's partly because readers can easily download titles to dedicated Kindle devices and other mobile devices including iPads and smartphones. The ability to download an eBook in a minute and read a little anywhere at any time is a major change from buying a print book and reading it at home in the evening.

Readers in the USA still prefer reading print versions of books by nearly three to one, according to a report by Statistica released in 2021. However, the same report shows that 90.5 million people in the USA are reading books on mobile devices and bought 191 million eBooks in the USA in 2019, which accounted for 42 percent of total USA book sales that year. That offers a great opportunity for authors to reach more readers by promoting Kindle versions of their books.

Marketers know that price and promotion are critical to sales for any product. One major reason many successful authors promote Kindle versions frequently is that it's easier to offer price discounts for Kindle versions, especially if you're an indie author. It's also a good way to entice a potential reader to buy a print version or audible version for family or friends while on the Amazon page for the Kindle title. Ka-CHING!!

But but but... A PRICE DISCOUNT for a single Kindle book now and then is not enough. Authors need to also PROMOTE OTHER KINDLE TITLES frequently so potential readers know about them and can go to Amazon and click to buy the books. Check out my blog posts for recommendations from marketing pros and successful authors on how to do this.

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