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Using promo stacking for eBook price discounts

This blog post is a follow-up to my September 19 post about price promotions for Kindle books on Amazon. It features advice from digital publishing professional David Wogahn, one of the authors I follow each week.

His advice is in an article that discusses a technique called "promo stacking," where an author pays several eBook promotion companies to advertise an eBook to their subscribers. The article on his website for Author Imprints also covers other important aspects of a price promotion. Here's the table of contents:

  1. Five reasons to consider a price promotion

  2. Free or paid sale?

  3. Promoting with or without KDP Select

  4. The basics of scheduling, booking, and managing a price drop promotion using a promo stack

  5. Pre-promo checklist

  6. Recording and analyzing your results

  7. Seven more quick tips for making the most of your price promotion

  8. Conclusion and final thoughts

Disclosure: David and his company formatted the 2016 award-winning eBook version of Abraham Lincoln and Mexico that I edited when I was the managing editor of a small press in San Diego. I receive no compensation in any form for recommending his services, but I buy him a cuppa coffee whenever we get together. Great guy.

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