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How to tie a Kindle promo to history

Updated: Apr 17

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A great way to increase visibility is to schedule a Kindle price promo to coincide with a date in history directly related to the book content.

One good example is a current Kindle countdown deal during Easter Week 2022 for a book about the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland. It focuses on the combat roles of Irish women during the unsuccessful insurrection.

The title of the book is Women of the Irish Rising, by Irish-American writer Michael Hogan. I cite it as an example of how an indie author can use a Kindle price discount promotion to reach potential readers in both North America and Europe.

For the price promo on in the USA, Hogan is offering the Kindle version for only $2.99—just 30 percent of the normal $9.99 price. The equivalent price discount is also available on in British pounds.

Many people familiar with Irish and British history have heard of the week-long Easter Rising. You can learn more about it at

That article has a picture of a mural commemorating the Easter Rising (see photo above) and depicting an Irish woman in combat. Hogan’s book documents the critical front-line activity of many Irish women. Other books have marginalized most of the same women to support roles.

Here’s another example of savvy book marketing by Hogan — The release of his book by a small academic press in November of 2021 was timed to coincide with the holiday shopping season, and the Kindle title debuted at #1 in its niche category.

A colleague in Dublin arranged to get the print version into some bookstores for the holiday season, including Waterstones, and Hogan shipped print-on-demand paperback copies from Amazon to the colleague to supply the bookstores. Smart.

And Hogan and his contacts in Ireland managed to get visibility for the book in a news media review posted on the website.

This article is not a book review; that’s not what I do. The purpose of my writing as a book marketing analyst and newsletter author is to share information and insights about how authors and book marketing professionals promote books.


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