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How to run a price promotion on Amazon

One technique many successful authors use for online marketing is to offer a price discount on Amazon for the Kindle version of a book. It's similar to what bookstores do by stacking discounted books on tables near the entrance, and it can lead to sales of other titles by the same author.

Some online offers are special free downloads for just one day, and others range from 99-cents to $3.99 stretching over several days before the price resets to the normal price.

Setting the price is relatively simple. The more difficult task is making people aware of the price promotion. Many authors launch the price promo by posting a cover image of the Kindle book on Facebook with a link to buy it on Amazon, and share the post in targeted Facebook groups.

Now that Facebook is throttling organic reach for posts, a newsletter can help reach existing followers who may have been waiting for a lower price in a series of books by the same author. Several successful authors also use paid eBook promotional services.

Perhaps the most successful strategy is a combination of using all three -- social media, a newsletter, and paid promotional services. The marketing folks at Reedsy have a free online course about how to run a price promotion. Here are the links to each of the 10 lessons.

Lesson #1: Intro to price promotions.

Lesson #2: What is a price promotion?

Lesson #3: How promotions help readers find your book

Lesson #4: How to price the promotion.

Lesson #5: How long to run the price promotion.

Lesson #6. How to change the price.

Lesson #7: Promoting the discounted or free book.

Lesson #8: How to guarantee success.

Lesson #9: Measuring success.

Lesson #10: What did we learn?

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