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Nitty-gritty blogging in 10 lessons

Updated: Oct 8

This post is a follow-up to my September 30, 2021, blog post with information from Jane Friedman and Deborah Kalb that included blogging basics and some examples.

More detailed information about blogging is available in a free online course offered by the marketing folks at Reedsy with lots of hyperlinks to external resources. It has 10 daily lessons by professional blogger Jessica Festa, and the last two lessons focus on how to sell books from a blog. Here are the titles of the 10 lessons:

1. Why start an author blog?

2. Defining your blog brand.

3. Choosing your content management system.

4. Getting set up, technically.

5. Creating an amazing content plan.

6. Growing your traffic with SEO.

7. Choosing your social channels.

8. Turning readers into dedicated community members.

9. Promoting your book through your blog.

10. Clinching those book sales.

Just click this link to see the course introduction and get started:

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